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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  That Dreadful Day No One Wants to Talk About

 That Dreadful Day No One Wants to Talk About by David Wilkerson

Scripture(s): 2 Peter 3:9-14  
Description: David Wilkerson expounds on 2 Peter 3:9-14. America is being warned that a catastrophe is coming soon to change the way we live forever. Jesus warns there will be a time of great distress and men's hearts will fail because of fear. When we begin to understand the times we live in, God will send His Spirit to wake up a luke warm church. God is calling His church to allow the Lord to conform us into His image. The message to the Church is that we are to walk worthy of the Lord in all wisdom and knowledge. We are called to pursue intimacy with Jesus and to love one another tenderheartedly. Through faith we will conquer the devil and all his wiles. God will keep us standing tall in the midst of this darkness. The Just shall live by faith.
Sermon Comments (3)

parts of this sermon just want to make me weep, this is a word for everyone, when he talks about churches and gold and money and about Africa and starvation....i as a "western" citizen i fell ashamed over our curch....what are we doing whit Gods money? what are we doing at our churches? God help us... this is a wake up call, cry out to god...

 Urgent Warning! 
We must take heed to this warning and get right with God. To live a life that is "pleasing" and "honoring" God. It is a time to give your all on the altar of sacrifice. God is going to refine and purify His Church.

 2Peter 3:9-14 
The Pastor expounds on 2Peter 3:9-14. His concern for the body of Christ is not that of the hireling, but of the shepherd(John 10:12-13). He speaks on some of the current-day news headlines like the uncertainty in the MiddleEast regarding Iran and Israel, the poverty in third-world countries, genocide in Africa, and the becoming of China as a modern-day SuperPower. He also touches slightly on a possible nuclear holocaust that could take place in the USA. "This is the time for conforming..."

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