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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  The Final Warning Comes in Pictures

 The Final Warning Comes in Pictures by Carter Conlon

Topic: Warning
Scripture(s): Ezekiel 12:1-6  
Description: February 25, 2007 - God in His mercy will begin to speak to us through pictures. Think of the images the Lord has set before us in recent times. Images of the towers in New York City - symbols of pride and commerce that America trusts in, and in one hour they came crashing down. The Pentagon - the symbol of invincible strength, burned by fire. There are pictures in society in the news papers of people given to self gratification, addicted to drugs, obsessed with wealth, publicity and fame only to be lead to an early grave. Could it be the Lord is putting before us a picture of what we are becoming as a society. Thanks be to God that there are other pictures that God desires to use to show to society. If you are in a dungeon of darkness and despair God is preparing you to be a picture to this society. Pictures are developed in a dark room. God is calling the Church of Jesus Christ to come out of these dark places of despair to be the last picture of His love, mercy and faithfulness.
Sermon Comments (1)

 the heart of God to His church... 
Again God's Heart being poured out in this message to His people.... Please God let us, your church hear your warnings and your promises.... Let us remember in the dark times what was spoken in the light

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