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Audio Sermons : Jim Cymbala :  The Anointing of God

 The Anointing of God by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Anointing
Description: Jim Cymbala shares with burden and passion on the simple message of the gospel and how many modern day Churches have forsaken these ways. We need the anointing of God in our churches we need prayer back in our churches. Cymbala preaches on many themes in this sermon and presents true apostolic christianity from the book of "Acts."
Sermon Comments (6)

 Aimed at Pastors... FANTASTIC! 
This is a fantastic message from a powerful, spirit led, humble & loving teacher! Its aimed at pastors but its applicable for everyone. Worth every bit of 5 stars! Note: Parts of the audio are damaged but its only for short durrations...

This is really convicting and annointed......I need to hear this on a regular basis. It moves you away from going through the motions of Christianity, to really laying ahold of God.

Love (1 Cor. 13) is not taught but caught, it must be caught by the Holy Spirit! The end of this message is especially powerful. Pastor Cymbala tells a very touching story when he was challenged to his very core as to whether he truly loved the down and outers. Are we loving the people God has brought across our paths?

 A Must Hear! 
This is a sermon for our generation of churches. Oh, that we might hear it!

 The best Jim Cymbala sermon I've heard 
Praise God!!!!!! I enjoyed hearing this man talk about how God has dealt with his ownself. He also speaks about the Love and mercy of God and abit on the worldliness in the "churches" today. This is probably the best sermon I have ever heard Jim Cymbala preach. God is sooooooooooo good!

 Watch Out Hypocrites! 
This message will shed light on any pastor that is not pastoring with a true heart towards God. May God use it to bring many pastors to repentance and serve the church as He would Christ.

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