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Audio Sermons : Leonard Ravenhill :  (Hebrews) 2-Moses

 (Hebrews) 2-Moses by Leonard Ravenhill

Topic: Moses
Scripture(s): Hebrews 11:22-23  
Description: Faith not only moves mountains and secures heaven's blessings; it makes obedience possible. Our obedience, like everything else in the Christian life, is by the faith of the Son of God. By faith Moses' parents sent him down the Nile in a basket, because without God's intervention the child would certainly have died. By faith Moses chose the affliction of the people of God, forsaking the pleasures of sin and the riches of Egypt, because he trusted the Lord to make him a partaker of the riches of Christ. Faith "reckons, risks and rests" - and secures God's promises, sometimes by doing what is foolish in the eyes of the world. Such obedience can only arise from confidence in God to keep his promises, regardless of appearances.
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