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 Ancient Revival by L.E. Maxwell

Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 4:1-3, 1 Samuel 7:3, Isaiah 42:5  
Description: Brother Maxwell speaks on the main hindrance to revival in the Scripture, and the main hindrance today: our own sin. The reason we don't see God move is that we think that someone else besides us is blocking the moving of the Spirit. Included is a very interesting narrative about Dr. Ernest M. Wadsworth that documents his efforts for ministers to look inward to unblock the hindrance to revival, as well as many angry church members that called him during the week after being told to 'make your crooked places straight.' "I went to the office of the mayor and was ushered into a private room. After I was seated, he said, 'I heard your sermon yesterday morning, now; man to man, I want to know who's been telling you about me?'"
Sermon Comments (3)

Great truths concerning our lack of revival and how we can position ourselves for a God sent revival.

no matter the time of history man's greatest need is to trust in the living god not in a ritual or religious practice. Mr. Maxell points out the danger of even trusting in religious things and practices that god used in the past, they are just that past. what we need today is a simple trust in god to lead our lives one person at a time and then one church at a time and then one community at a time.

 Another piece of the puzzle 
Okay, now we are Christians, what now? We should win people to the Lord and build up other believers, right? Anything else? Ever wonder why we pray, seek after God, but still don't get a revival? It's the crooked ways that we have not made straight. That's right: sin. As Maxwell explains it, more specifically, our departure from God's ways. Our "lament" is not "repent." The message I got from this was: instead of saying, "Who in the world is sinning in this place?" Just go and take care of some matters that you have ignored in which you are in error. I returned some things that weren't mine, and the next Sunday a guy I knew came forward at church to give his life to the Lord.

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