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Audio Sermons : Jackie Pullinger :  Be filled with the Holy Spirit - part 1

 Be filled with the Holy Spirit - part 1 by Jackie Pullinger

Topic: Filled With The Spirit
Description: Coming from her own experience, Jackie explains what we pray for when we pray for the Holy Spirit. While trying to reach the lost in the Wall City in Hong Kong, she saw that her approach to sharing Jesus did not work. She was passionate to reach the lost, but she realized she did not have the power to make Jesus known. Her words did not work. This prompted her to seek God and she prayed: "Dear Lord, please give me whatever it is that helps me make Jesus real to the lost. Because the words don't seem to be working." This led to her receiving what is often called the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. She points out that our part as believers is to allow Jesus to reveal Himself to men. She teaches how we must expect and pray that the Spirit of God will meet the spirit of man. God wants us to share spiritual truth with spiritual words (communicating spirit-to-spirit), instead of reasoning with people (communicating mind-to-mind). A final note: The first five minutes of the recording contain a word in tongues with interpretation as well as a prophecy in Chinese that is being translated into English. This may seem unusual if one is not accustomed to the exercise of the gifts of the Spirit. Please let this not keep you from listening on. What follows is a wonderful message on the working of the Holy Spirit that shows that "evangelism" really is not our job but God's.
Sermon Comments (2)

 It's Not Me! 
This sermon was awesome, through it Christ spoke to my heart in such a way to release, Its not me. If a soul comes to Christ it's going to be because Christ has awakened their heart, not because I preach a good message. IT'S Not ME! Its all about HIM and HIS Work through us and in the hearts!

I was struck by both the valuable insights Jackie Pullinger shared and the great humilty with which she shared them. Her experiences will bring both challenge and encouragement to your heart. I was most fascinated by some of the conversion testimonies she shared. From these she gives us great insight into evangelism and the Spirit's work leading people to salvation.

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