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 Confessions of a Pharisee by Alan Martin

Topic: Pharisaism
Scripture(s): James 2:8-9  
Description: Alan Martin shares his heart with the work that God has been doing in showing area's of pharisaism. There are many hard teachings and doctrines in the Bible yet under all of these things the mercy and love of God are paramount. At times we can "choke" and "judge" others without mercy. May God give us the mercy and love of Christ in our Christian walks. A very searching sermon. Do we REALLY fulfill the royal law? God is after the Pharisee in us, and it is His great mercy to do so to set us free. The danger in being separated to God is to really think you know and judge others critically and keep others away at a distance because they're not as easy to get along with.
Sermon Comments (3)

 The Heart of God and the Gospel! 
Alan shares the need for love and compassion in our dealings with others. He demonstrates that God desires to be known for His goodness and His mercy. I highly recommend this message by Alan. There are some sound bumps, but endure to the end and it will be a blessing to you.

 Poor audio 
The audio quality was so poor that I had to stop listening. The message seemed fairly good but I could not understand enough of it to persist.

 God's heart.. 
Alan Martin shares his heart with weeping and brokeness. May God continue to grow us in those areas of mercy and love upon others. May the graces of Christ be found in each of us that profess Christ.

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