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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  (Israel) Preaching Christ with Authority

 (Israel) Preaching Christ with Authority by David Wilkerson

Topic: Authority
Scripture(s): Luke 14  
Description: Note: The message cuts off at the 35 minute mark (due to old recording tape malfunction).
Sermon Comments (1)

 The most humble preacher in America! 
Which in itself is of course a prideful statement! But it is one testimony that Pastor Wilkerson shares about his own struggle with humility. And humility, to have a servant's heart, is what he leads us to in this edifying sermon. Taking the place of the least, and then taking it one step further. But I will leave some of mystery unspoken, that you may enjoy its surprises yourself. Find joy in the Lord! And remember, humility can become an idol in itself. If you are seeking the true humility taught in this lesson, it is likely that you are the righteous man, or woman. You are not "just" a servant of God, nor are you "just" a preacher, or a follower of the Lord. You are the love of Christ to those whom you meet! A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Boast of God, that others may see your good work and praise your Father in heaven! Stay on the straight path, that which leads to the narrow gate; and may God be with you.

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