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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  (The Glory of God) in Motivation

 (The Glory of God) in Motivation by Paul Washer

Topic: Motivation
Scripture(s): Isaiah 43:6  
Description: Brother Paul Washer here describes the true motivation to living in holiness, as well as the motivation that should permeate every other aspect of our lives. After destroying the presupposition that has infiltrated our thinking, that there are "great men of God", Brother Paul then bursts out of the gate to show us that all that matters is the glory of God, and we must be motivated in every aspect of our lives to that one singular end.
Sermon Comments (3)

 So great! Please listen, it is worth your time 
Brother Paul, showing that he is nothing apart from God, does a great job introducing the sermons on God's Glory and the conference he is speaking at. All the concepts in the sermon have the potential to change somebodies mindset and walk with God to please Him more. Please listen! It is worth your time!

Very encouraging. The "glory of God" is a much needed subject to be dwelt upon in our man centered days!

Yes, we need preaching on the glory of God. We need to see the glory of God. We were made for it! Nothing else will do! Thank God for preaching like this.

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