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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  (The Glory of God) in Moral Purity

 (The Glory of God) in Moral Purity by Paul Washer

Topic: Moral Purity
Scripture(s): Song Of Solomon 4:8  
Description: Paul Washer argues that the Song Of Solomon is more than just a book about the relationship between a man and a woman, and he uses these verses to expound aspects of the church’s living relationship with Christ. It is easy to learn principles about holiness, he says, but how much time do we spend in the presence of Christ? As Martin Lloyd Jones warned, our lives will become nothing but a bunch of cold principles if the presence and power of God is not in our life. (78 minutes)
Sermon Comments (6)

 you can not survive temptation on your own 
only by leaning on God can we survive temptation.

 I am a man of unclean lips... 
I pray I never loose the sense of humble awe for the Lord and the real sense of a grieving repentance for my sinfullness God instilled in my heart by listening to this message. Thank you Paul Washer for loving and preaching the real Christ.

 Never heard 
I have never heard this scripture preached in such fashion. You have blessed my soul. Pastor Washer keep doing what you have been called to do, because there are folks like me who must know the truth. I am seeking and the Lord is showing up for me. God bless you.

 Sobering and powerful 
As I listened to this sermon my heart felt as if it was going to give out and die because of a desire to know God more fully. If the worth of a man is his prayer life then I am less then dust but thank God for stern words like these that call men to repent and seek God in the dust until He comes! I appreciated Paul Washer's personal testimony of his fight to know God and not just know about Him.

 Cried right through... 
I listened to this on my mp3 player while mowing the lawn. I had expected a "heavy holiness" message but was sweetly surprised by the power with which I was swept into love for the Savior and for God's eternal love for His people. I cried straight through, rejoicing in the kindness of the Lord towards me. I was stirred up to read my bible and worship God, and that week preached the gospel to strangers.

 Not just a topical teaching 
This message is one of the most profound and influential I have heard. It is not merely a teaching on pure living, although it is certainly that. It is an empassioned plea to fall desperately in love with Jesus.

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