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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  (The Glory of God) in Missions

 (The Glory of God) in Missions by Paul Washer

Topic: Missions
Scripture(s): Malachi 1:11  
Description: Brother Paul Washer here shows us the framework for true biblical missions. The primary motivation for both our sending of missionaries, and also our going as missionaries is two-fold, we must not send men, but the truth of God, and we do not go primarily for man, but for God. The promotion of His name for His glory is the driving force behind the true missions of the Church.
Sermon Comments (4)

 What happened to this type of preaching. 
You very seldom hear the truth anymore. You talk about separation from the world and your a legalist. The way he talked about going after Christ with everything in us, nothing else should hold our heart.I thought David wilkerson preached tough words, listen to his examine yourself...WOW Awesome.We need more men of God with no fear of man and cut through all the garbage we call church and let's go after the heart of God nad not just do religious activities

This is actually a 2 part message - the 2nd part is not really about missions; but is equally powerful (He has a fierce exposition on Psalm 24 toward the end – gave me chills)

 Must Hear!!! 
Please listen to this right now, or as soon as you can. If you have 5 minutes to spare... slide to 13:00, just listen... be ashamed of a cold heart, if you don't break down and weep.

 A must listen for every believer! 
What a message! It has opened my eyes in all areas and God has used this message to stir up such a passion for His Glory in ALL areas of my life! It truly is, ALL about Him, what a God we serve! You must listen to this brothers and sisters!

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