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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  (The Glory of God) in Marriage

 (The Glory of God) in Marriage by Paul Washer

Topic: Marriage
Scripture(s): Romans 8:28-29  
Description: Brother Paul Washer here lays down the foundation for a biblical and solid marriage. While he tears down the secular mindset that has crept it's way into the church like lists of conditions for a spouse and dating, he also sets up the framework for what can truly help anyones marriage. Many wonderful principles from years of experience are relayed in this sermon, if you are thinking of courtship or marriage, this teaching will greatly benefit the glory of God in that respect.
Sermon Comments (8)

 God is Good always 
O God Thou rest not and Thou speak incensantly. Thou persueth us until what Thou want is accomplisheth. I'm sorry O Lord, for I thought I was right. What shall I say Lord? Nothing. I come before Thee the way Thou madest me, without any will that Thou mayest become all in me. This is the order which is of Thine appointment, and woe to him who inverts it! Thanks Lord, again thanks!

All I want to say is Amen! I have heard all kinds of teachings on marriage and some really good stuff. However this one hits stuff that us men need to hear more often. It's right on and I'm so thankful for the truths that I've been challenged by in this teaching!


Brother Washer lays down the biblical guantlet on every man with a wife. God gave us a woman whom He loves and died for and He entrusted this child to you.... will the Lord be pleased and say we loved our wife as Christ loved His church? What an impossible responsbility. We're not called to die for the church, Christ did that, but we are called to lay it down for our wives. We want to present a beautiful spotless bride to Christ because He deserves the reward for His suffering!

 My heart's cry 
I would that all men everywhere would hear this message, with their open ears and teachable hearts. Women be careful. Be prayerful and humble, that we would be heirs together of the grace of life.

Biblically principled, puts responsibility where it belongs!

 Spirit given 
Great message. More need to hear it.

 For all men alike! 
This is a message for all men alike, young and old, married or not. We need to hear this brothers, for we are the protectors of Gods daughters, let us become true sons of God!

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