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 (Spiritual Dangers) Being Under God's Authority by Don Currin

Topic: Authority
Scripture(s): Romans 13  
Description: There are many professing Christians who have shipwrecked on the rocks of worldliness because of their unwillingness to submit to God's authority. We have different types of saints: savorless saints (salt-wise), sipping saints (alcohol), and seditious saints (who are likely not saints at all). This message is about the latter, those who cause sedition. God appoints leaders. Insubordination is mutiny against God. Sermon outline: 1. The Danger of Sedition. 2. The Blessing of being under Authority. 3. Proper Servant-Leadership.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Sobering Warning to False Professors! 
Brother Don preached this sermon at the church I pastor in Maine 2 years ago and woke-up many to the reality of Biblical authority. In this liscentious age in which we live, this is a sobering warning to false professors in the churches of North America to see if they be in the faith. This is a must hear sermon!

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