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Audio Sermons : Erlo Stegen :  The cost of discipleship

 The cost of discipleship by Erlo Stegen

Scripture(s): Matthew 16:22-25  
Description: Many people want to follow the Lord Jesus but they don't realise that it means complete commitment and denying yourself. A very bright, young man applied to teach at a Bible College. He had done very well in his studies. The director gave him pruning shears and took him to an orchard. He told him to prune a tree in the wrong way. Then he waited to see what the young man would do; whether he would follow his knowledge or do what the director had told him to do. The young man did as he had been told and received the post. He was highly qualified but if he had not been able to bow and obey, he would have been unfit for the post. In the College of the Holy Spirit you will not succeed if you do it your own way. You have to be able to obey.
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