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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  Ministry to the Lord (Kwasizabantu)

 Ministry to the Lord (Kwasizabantu) by David Wilkerson

Scripture(s): Jeremiah 33:19-22  
Description: Never before have we needed men of God in the pulpit as in these days. We've outsinned Sodom and Gomorrah 25 years ago already. God said, if you could break my covenant with the night and day, then my covenant with David can be broken. v15: The first part has been fulfilled in Jesus. In the second part, God promises that He will never lack ministers (Levites) to minister before Him. In spite of all those who are quitting the ministry, God is still raising up His Levitical Priesthood. There are two streams, 2 concurrent types of priesthoods. Ezekiel prophesied that in the last days there'll be two kinds of congregations, preachers and ministers. There will be those who minister unto God. In Ez 40-44, Ezekiel has the vision of a great temple that was to be built. That is not a physical temple, because it stretches over lands and seas and mountains. He is talking about the church of the last days. He sees the church as having no boundaries. And the glory of the Lord is coming down on that house/temple. But Ezekiel saw a strange, horrifying sight. Despite the glory, a rebellious priesthood came forth. The Levitical priesthood were to guard and cleanse the gates of the tabernacle. Nothing evil was to be allowed into the temple.
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