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 Confronting the Homosexual Agenda by Michael L. Brown

Topic: Homosexuality
Scripture(s): Psalm 109:4  
Description: Dr. Brown gives a strong encouragement to be light and salt in the world, revolutionizing society and impacting the nature of our culture. He gives frightening facts about the progressing homosexual revolution, including its aims and successes while maintaining a compassionate heart for their lives.
Sermon Comments (3)

 The real message of Michael's sermon 
What he is highlighting is how Satan has/is using homosexuality to undermine God's family standards, His word and Christian standards upon which most western nations were based. Are we not seeing a modern version of Babylon of which homosexuality and the acceptance (supported by anti Christian laws) of perverse activity of all kinds has more protection than our right as Christians to declare the word of God? The genie is out of the bottle, we must all pray for guidance as to what the Lord intends for His people during these days and how we should respond.

 Not all homosexuals are the same! 
I think that god wouldn't approve with everything Dr.Brown says in his sermon. He doesn't look at homosexuals as individuals but as a group that only has one aim: to harm the church. I personally know several homosexuals that have gone through a lot of suffering and pain because they want to have a relationship with god and want to please him with their lifes. These people don't agree with gay parades and obscene actions and suffer from the generalized image that is put on them. The church should be known as a place of love and help for these people and for condemnation. We may not forget that without gods grace and love we would be lost as well.

 Very important sermon 
This is the first sermon from Michael Brown, and it was very good. He sheds much light on the issue of homosexuality in our culture, and the future implications of it.

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