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 Acharit: The Final End by Michael L. Brown

Topic: Immorality
Scripture(s): Proverbs 5  
Description: Using an emphasis on the Hebrew word Aharit, Michael Brown delivers a piercing call to holiness from the word of God which disturbs the conscience and convicts the heart. God speaks an uncompromisingly strong, life-saving call to hold on for the final result of sin is personal destruction and ruin, which singles out the individual personally and reminds them that they must cling to Jesus or fall away.
Sermon Comments (2)

WARNING! This sermon contains some really graphic stories... I found it uncomfortable to listen to because of them... The whole message can be summed up in a few sentences... Satan’s bait is sweet! He walks around like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Think about the end results of your actions!!! Where will sin lead you? Would the person who is now divorced, ministry ruined, etc. ever have looked at that woman twice if he knew that it would lead to such destruction? Would you ever have picked up that first drink of alcohol if you knew that in 5 years it would wreck your career, family, etc.? Would you have ever clicked on that pornographic picture if you knew that it would bring you into such slavery? Think of the end results of your actions, and then slam the door on Satan before he gets his chance! Don’t leave the door to sin open... There is a song by “Casting Crowns” called “Slow Fade” (Listen to it on Youtube). That song is essentially what Michael Brown is

 Achrit: Worth the listen 
This is a powerful message to examine our ways before the Lord. If only we would see the end of the choices we make today. A call to holiness!

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