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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Where Have You Taken Jesus?

 Where Have You Taken Jesus? by Carter Conlon

Topic: Religiosity
Scripture(s): John 20:11-16  
Description: February 20,2005 - Religious men despise the simplicity of Christ because it offends their ambition. This ambition and selfishness exposes the greed in the heart. This ambition would put away the true manifestation and revelation of Jesus Christ. In these last days Jesus will be manifested and recognized in ordinary people.
Sermon Comments (1)

 This is Truth -Plain and Simple 
Pastor Carter insightfully explains the humility and simplicity of Christ as a man. People close to Jesus in the Bible often missed His presence because He looked ordinary and unpretentious...yet He was never hiding from them. Sometimes Christ is right in front of us yet we miss Him because of our desire to only see Him as powerful, glorious,mighty,and ready to serve our needs. The Pharisees missed Him b/c they wanted a conquering warrior, Mary missed Him because she saw Him as an ordinary man after His ressurection, and the men on the road to Emmaus did not recongnize Him until God opened their eyes. Today Christ lives in ordinary people to do the will of His Father. But we limit ourselves b/c,like the Pharisees, we believe success is an outward display of fleshly ambition, the same ambition that drives the ministries of religion today. Just as the Pharisees saw Jesus as a mighty warrior, today's Church see Him as their personal servant and provider. God's work is hidden and those

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