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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Forfeiting the Burying Place of Kings

 Forfeiting the Burying Place of Kings by Carter Conlon

Topic: Eternity
Scripture(s): Genesis 50:7-11  
Description: October 08, 2006. What is the difference between a person who will be missed or a person who will be mourned? A person who will be missed has occupied a place that is visible to others. He or she may have been involved in what is considered good and high profile causes but in the context of Christ these activities could possibly have left them very far from the heart of God and the struggles of the people. A person who will be mourned has allowed the immeasurable supply of Christ's life through poured in us and through us onto the person God has placed before us. It is not the multitudes that we minister to or how big our ministry is, it is the ability we have in Christ to hear and respond to the cry of the one.
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