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 And They Crucified Him by Art Katz by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Description: Empty entertainment/worship sung by pretty people -Doctrinally-correct sermons devoid of power -Sunday-only Christian lives barely distiguishable from the world All these and many more ills are symptoms of a disease Art clearly identifies in this message. It's such a fundamental thing, our understanding of the cross. It's an indictment of our lives and the current impetence of the church. In the final analysis, unless we know ‘Christ and Him crucified,’ our knowledge of God will be false.
Sermon Comments (3)

 Suffering is a part of life 
Art Katz emphasizes that suffering is a part of life and is used by God to show us Himself. We need to use our present sufferings to reveal Christ to us. Many want to avoid suffering and what it will show them. They surround themselves with the gods of the world that show brightness and beauty but of which all is death. We need an attitude that embraces suffering instead of avoids it.

 Warning:the truth is painful when you're carnal. 
Religion stops at the cross, Christianity starts at the cross. This is a message for the person who thinks their charasamatic or so called pentacostal conversion holds any weight. The cross leaves you naked of any spiritual props, dependance on Christs life alone is all that gives you strength to live. Put this message in your spiritual pipe and smoke it.

 Repentance & The Cross 
Brother Art Katz pulls no punches in this message about the necessity of death to the world through the cross of Christ. The "carnal Christian" is exposed as a goat and not a sheep of Christ. A simple call to repentance and a cross-life.

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