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 A Time to Cry by David Legge by Classics Podcast

Topic: Podcast
Description: David Legge gives a impassioned plea to the Church of Jesus Christ to wake up and weep and pray for God to move and act on our His behalf. "My friends, we need an awakening in the Iron Hall! We need an awakening in Ulster, for I believe it is our only hope!" and truly we need a awakening world wide! "The cry of my heart is this: whatever we do, we must not do nothing!" may we be led to pray in a new fervent way for God's kingdom to expand in this generation.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Spiritual solution to a nations problems 
David Legge points to the lack of sound theological teaching as the reasons for the decline of his nation. He doesn't discuss anything political other than one brief mention of a political figure. He doesn't give any political solutions. He blames the state of his nation on a lack of people seeking God. He urges unstopping fasting and praying for God to vindicate Himself.

 Judgement or Revival  
At last a voice that speaks. From the hundreds of wonderful sermons on your website that have been a great blessing, this one speaks into the very heart of our disastrous situation. Its like the Last Call, if we dont awaken now we will be left to slumber on. May David Legge be the Voice God will use to bring down the Presence of the Holy Spirit upon His church.

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