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Audio Sermons : Warren Wiersbe :  How Much Is Your-Bible Worth?

 How Much Is Your-Bible Worth? by Warren Wiersbe

Topic: Scriptures
Scripture(s): Psalm 119  
Description: Expounds on the worth of the Word out of the longest chapter in the Bible by revealing the Psalmist's love and devotion to it over food, sleep, money, and friends. By cultivating this heart hungry for God's truth, we will reap the many benefits also found in the chapter.
Sermon Comments (3)

 Great Exposition and summary of Ps. 119 
I enjoy the depth of insight Wiersbe provides. It does seem to be more of a lecture than preaching, but it is very rich and worth a listen.

 Benefits of prayer. 
Loving the Word of God more than food, sleep, riches and friends. Benefits that come from that: the Word keeps away from sin, quickens, strengthens, gives wisdom, guidance, freedom, friendship, comfort, peace, answer to prayer.

 The Creation and Motivation for writing Ps 119 
In this segment we see the passion for the Word of God and the effort that was put into Ps 119 by its writer so it could be memorized. Dr. Wiersbe explains that the writer fully intended for the entire Psalm to be memorized. This message is powerful for anyone who truly desires a deeper intimacy with God. IT evokes a very subtle challenge to desire His Word above all else. (The message left me not with the pride of "Oh yah I've done that... I've memorized some Scripture... so I'm in tune with what you are saying" but "God, I don't fear You like the writer of Ps 119 did. Perhaps I need to get before you and understand where exactly I am at in our relationship".)

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