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Audio Sermons : Warren Wiersbe :  Get A Good Look At God

 Get A Good Look At God by Warren Wiersbe

Scripture(s): Isaiah 40:1-17, Isaiah 25-31  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (3)

 I understand it better 
This is such a great sermon. I wish many, many could hear this message!

 Great God. 
1) God is greater than my sins (verse 1-11); 2) God is greater than our circumstances (verse 12-26); 3) God is greater than our feelings (verse 27-30).

 Great for any soul winner or one who comforts others 
The message is simple but has a profound meaning when it is embraced. God's love and greatness far exceeds any sin in ourselves or in anyone out there; His love far exceeds in greatness any circumstances we are going through and any burden we bear. I am presently without sight in one eye. I woke up one day to blurred vision in my eye... out of no-where. So what do I embrace? (It is hard to comfort someone who is at a loss for anything they thanked the Lord for day after day). The only thing I embrace is knowing that God's love for me far exceeds any discomfort and I amm learning how to comfort others. This message is one every Christina in service or soul winner needs to hear because it shows the tenderness required to direct the hurting or lost to the greatness of God

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