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 All to Jesus (voice only) by Compilations

Topic: Compilation
Description: This compilation is comparable to the revival hymn compilation on this site! It features the voices of Leonard Ravenhill, A.W. Tozer, T. Austin Sparks, Alan Redpath, Paris Reidhead and Major Ian Thomas. The theme of this compilation is knowing God and true biblical salvation, listen to this compilation and share it with others.
Sermon Comments (3)

You know when God has spoken through men and when it is just men talking. This compilation is a holy word from God.

 The Pure Word of God 
This recording floored me, as I listened to the passion of each man speaking so strongly to our generation to come to a fuller knoweldge and experience of God. Without the background music it actually gives it more power, how amazing the anointing of God is not based on music and amplification! May God use this recording to rouse sleeping saints! and encourage others on this sojourning way.

 Only the Pure Spoken Word!!! Do we NEED anything else? 
A powerful presentation!! Are there any preachers proclaiming the truth of this compilation, today?? Do we have ears to hear?? Again, thank you for the compilation... I know it took many hours of prepartion. The world is bent on "noise" ... "filler"... your willingness to remove the background music shows a spiritual maturity and is an encouragement to me!

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