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Audio Sermons : Duncan Campbell :  When God Stepped Down from Heaven

 When God Stepped Down from Heaven by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Revival History
Description: Listen to this first-hand account of the Lewis Revival during the early 1950s. Duncan Campbell was God's instrument in this extraordinary awakening. In this tape Campbell recounts point-by-point this three-year movement of the Holy Spirit over the Hebrides Islands. Thousands were converted, conviction overwhelmed villages, outward sin disappeared, and prayer meetings were packed! Your heart will be thrilled as you listen to this tape about this heaven-sent revival in Lewis.
Sermon Comments (5)

I am greatly moved by hearing this sermon and intend to begin gathering together with three ladies whom I know as real women of prayer to pray for God to move in our congregation and community. I want to see the power of God move among us. I want to see the heathen converted! I work in a Hindu nation where everything but Truth is worshipped. Crows, dogs, trees, rivers, and even cow dung is worshipped here. The spiritual darkness is terrible and thick. Oh! That God would have mercy on these people and open their blinded eyes. Oh! That they would crave His truth and sing His praises from lips that are now locked in evil. I won't fear because I do not see revival in other places. I will believe to see it here!

 Outstanding message 
Lots of great stuff in the message. The reason I like this one is that it is more or less a documentary of revival from an eye-witness account. It answers the questions of whether or not there will be opposition after God comes, how do people react to revival, what is the main fruit of revival, etc.

This is what many hunger for

 Why aren't we seeing this yet? 
I believe whole heartedly that this is what God Almighty is longing for in the midst of all congregations of His bride. So why aren't we seeing this yet? Mr. Campbell hits the mark of this question by his comments on prayer. We have not because we ask not. And when we do ask, it is with impure motives. How willing are we to sacrifice the temporal things for the eternal? Do we hurt for those who are destined for hell? Do we cry and pleade with God for a heart that sees sin the way He does? Do we REALLY want revival? If we truly say yes then there is a cost. Mr. Campbells honest approach to what happened in Lewis should stir us all as believers to seek the Lord in prayer. Not trite prayer, but prayer that is grievous for the lost souls of the world and a desire to see God move!!

 When God Stepped Down 
This thrilling testimony of God's working should be the prayer and aim of Christians everywhere. This is a must-hear message.

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