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Audio Sermons : Duncan Campbell :  Aaron's Failure

 Aaron's Failure by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Failure
Scripture(s): Exodus 32:7-10  
Description: Campbell compares Aaron's golden calf with modern evangelistic models that compromise with the world to make the Gospel more palatable to the world. But separation from the world "is necessary to the success the church's evangelistic endeavor." To rescue the lost from the morass of sin, we must be standing on solid ground ourselves.
Sermon Comments (1)

 exodus 32 - the golden calf incident - aaron as a bad example for pastors(and the rest of us) - end missing 
Talking mainly to pastors here - I guess because of the initial audience. Incident of Aaron's handling of the people's idolatry is held up as example of poor leadership Disclaimer: Was working on something else while listening to this sermon, so what follows are half distracted impressions and have included this comment so you know what it's about. Text Exodus 31 - but don't expect anything about Moses' pleading for the people - he may have included this but the recording ends prematurely. Impressed by the initial call to live disctinct lives - 'the greatest argument must be myself'...'what i am is far more convincing than what i just said'...'live the world's conscience' Though i may want say 'what i am has got to be as convincing as what i just said' Then it sags. The bulk of the sermon seems to involve railing against TVs ('hell's greatest agent!') which is slightly ironic given we're listing to him on the web... Story about a fellow who asks two o

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