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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  “Too intense?” “Radical?”

 “Too intense?” “Radical?” by Paul Washer

Topic: Radio Show
Description: The other day I was listening to The Way Of The Master Radio show when Todd Friel was interviewing the soft spoken Paul Washer from HeartCry Missionary Society. He played a clip demonstrating the passion this preacher preached with. The clip convicted me tremendously, but I also couldn’t help but think of those in the past who have called me “too intense” and “radical.” Is there a sense that many of those who call on the name of Jesus have no idea what true commitment to following Christ entrails? Is seeking “Your Best Life Now,” expanding your territory, or hunting your “Purpose Driven Life” really what it is all about? When Jesus said to cut off your hand or poke out your eye, or to take up your cross and follow Him, was he being “too intense” and “radical?” I don’t think Paul Washer believes so, neither do I. If you have 3 minutes, listen to this! This is Paul Washer speaking at a youth rally. Is this too intense and radical, or is it someone who believes the Lord at His words?
Sermon Comments (2)

 "Too Intense?" "Radical?" 
GREAT short audio about how misunderstood the youth are today. I pray one day I myself will be a missionary for God!

 Must listen 
I will let this one speak for itself. I was looking for something else. Christ bought me to this one.

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