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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  (Biblical Manhood) -evening banquet

 (Biblical Manhood) -evening banquet by Paul Washer

Topic: Manhood
Description: In this, the second of two meetings devoted to studying Biblical courtship, Paul Washer exposes the destructive nature of ¬Ďrecreational dating¬í, and explains why parents should protect childhood innocence. He explains both the timing and the principles of courtship; the basis and the proceedings of it; and gives counselling regarding sexual immorality and how to avoid it. Underpinning the whole matter is a proper regard for Biblical authority in the home and the church, the very foundations laid in the first meeting. (76 minutes)
Sermon Comments (8)

 i dont know how 
how do i download

one of my sons life is ruined because we did not teach him properly. such a needed message

could anyone tell me how to download this audio sermon? please... your reply would be of great help! thanks and God bless!

 A must for every youth worker! 
Very clear teaching of practical truth that will prevent untold grief in families if applied with much prayer. Most of our families are so culturized [made up word] it will take time and patience to bring the ship back on course; but Paul certainly points us in the right direction. Every pastor, youth pastor, parent, and young person should hear this message and begin to prayerfully implement it!

 Passionate call to godly family order 
I only wish as a young christian I would have gone about dating and being parented a true biblical way. I am still reaping the consequences for a secular way of dating, being raised, etc. Paul Washer calls all fathers and mothers to protect and guard their childs hearts from a godless culture. And when it is time for children to mature and court another, they'll go about it in a God honoring way. I will definitely give my children the biblical rearing I wasn't fortunate enought to recieve.

 God's way for dating & courtship 
As one stated before, any will think this is old fashioned and I GUARANTEE

 A must listen for every young man! 
A brilliant, radical, counter-cultural but very biblical view of manhood and 'relationships'. It exposes many of the lies that the church has bought into. This is so radical- many will call it Old Fashioned, but I love it because it is God's way, my spirit just knows it that this teaching is what young Christian men are crying out for.

 must listen for anyone who is a Father or Mother 
This is a very good teaching about rasing children, i myself have five and one on the way, and Mr Washer really shows how god wants us to raise our children from a biblical perspective, wich should be our only perspective. This really showed me im doin much wrong but i know i must turn to god and search the bible... This really showed me great truths.. i recomend this sermon to anyone who plans to get married anyone who have children or planing on geting them, may this bless you

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