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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  The Unrelenting Humility of God

 The Unrelenting Humility of God by Carter Conlon

Topic: Humility
Scripture(s): Psalm 113:1-9, Revelation 4:5-8, 1 Samuel 6:12-19  
Description: This message begins Scriptures on the holiness, power and might of God, and His requirement of worship of which He is worthy. From there, Pastor Conlon takes us on an incredible journey through the Old Testament and back to the New, illustrating through the Word the incredible humility this awesome God of unimaginable power has shown toward mankind. This is one of the best illustrations of the Lord Jesus Christ-it's not so much a sermon as a verbal portrait painted with love and care of our Lord that every Christian needs to hear. It will change how you deal with others and it will forever change how you see the Lord if you listen with an open and hungry heart. He goes through many Scriptures, so I'd recommend having a pencil and paper on hand.
Sermon Comments (1)

 A Blessing Sent at the Right Time 
Wow! This was brought to my attention by another member today as the Lord was leading me through a spiritual confrontation about the role of the Holy Spirit in living the new life and understanding Scripture. I have seen the things he speaks about how God gives understanding about what is coming and what I will be doing in the near future or even what appears far off. Those who do not know a life walking according to the Spirit will be blessed by this. Those who already walk this way will be refreshed by this word. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon all who listen to this message.

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