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 Superficial Faith by Charles Leiter

Scripture(s): John 2:23-25  
Description: Charles Leiter explains that many modern day pastors and teachers are decieving sinners to believe that to accept Christ really does not mean death to self or a losing of all. A careful explanation of what faith is and isn’t. Under God this message has been used to change many lives.
Sermon Comments (3)

 They are lying to you! 
Charles Leiter clears away many preconceptions people have falsely been given about coming to Christ and being a Christian. May this sermon be used to wake many people out of their false conversions.

 True and False Conversion 
I find that this subject is foriegn to most "evangelical churches" in the States.

 Right on 
i belive there are many many people who must hear this! what a sermon..message... espesally exposing false christianity... just the truth.... evrery person confessing christ needs to hear this...

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