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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  Regeneration & Self-Denial

 Regeneration & Self-Denial by Paul Washer

Scripture(s): Ezekiel 36:22-27, Matthew 13:44  
Description: Paul Washer explains how self-denial is more than a wearisome relinquishing of worldliness. Speaking with great passion, he shows how self-denial is a work of God that makes surrender a joy and delight. This message penetrates with prophetic urgency the need of true conversion under the power of God.
Sermon Comments (8)

 Incredible Truth 
This is probably one of the best Paul Washer sermons on the Internet. While that may be hard to say, of this one it is certainly true, the truth he brings out in this message is will be sweet to some ears, and shocking to others. It is a shame we do not hear preaching like this anymore all over the place. Praise God, He is seeing to it that truth prevails.

 Fresh Air 
This is what we need in the body of christ. I loved the part in which he said. "Men are not numbers but Souls" we should not let a saying like that go by with out serious thoght. Today salvation is all about numbers and not about true soul conversion, or regeneration. This is a breath of fresh air. I thank God for this message I pray that everyone that partakes of this site would feast upon the wisdom and revelation that brother washer brings forth here. What a powerful word. Please listen to this message an may sermonindex continue to bring forth sound doctrine like this that we may all be established upon Gods word and principles. God Bless!!!

 Listen now.... 
Great sermon

 A Prophetic Call 
Paul Washer speaks from a unction that God has given him to rouse a sleeping church. He speaks with prophetic urgency for a all out abandoned life with Christ. This will stir those that are in ministry towards being radical for God. Oh shall the blood be free from our heads may we hear and obey this message!

 Old Truth in New Voices 
I am rejoicing in that God is raising up men that will preach the truth. This quote from the sermon says it better than I can. "It's about conversion! It's about preachers! It's not about little boys who can speak the words of parrots, it's about men who dwell in the presence of God. His words who have been burned into the reality of their heart and they speak forth truth come hell or high water!"

This is what is needed to be said. If more Pastor's would preach this way we would see a revolution in this country. For years I was gulity of the modern humanistic gospel leading people to false conversions. NO MORE. People at church really hate to hear the truth. We are nothing!! God is everything. We cry out for mercy to Him because we are filled with wickedness and realize we deserve hell and punishment. We are not doing people any favors be trying to make things easier for them. Let them struggle with God , least they be damned.

 Great Sermon 
Many great points made in this sermon. Must listen !!!

 Be warned! 
This contains spiritually explicit material and is likely to offend; the problem is that you cannot afford to NOT hear this message. So often the real truth just needs someone with the courage to proclaim it. Paul Washer is one such individual.

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