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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  Modern American Christianity

 Modern American Christianity by Paul Washer

Topic: False Conversion
Scripture(s): Matthew 7:13-27  
Description: LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE! It brings eternity and the true faith of Christ into our view. A very pointed sermon that cuts through the overlay of false profession in the Church. Paul Washer humbly yet with boldness speaks forth as the Oracles of God to a crowd of 5000 baptist youth. Would be to God that more would speak with a clear conscience of true Christian virtue and repentance.
Sermon Comments (27)

 Thought scary sermons 
Were a thing of the past. Praise the Lord they are not . Yeah, I'm going about scared, oh well, that's far better not being scared oudda ones wits.

 Western Christianity and Politics is a two sided coin. 
Isaiah 29:9-13 “For the Lord has poured out upon them deep sleep …& closed their eyes…” I pray often for Western Christianity, that they might study the word and pray on their own, to die to self, awake to God & have eyes to see. We got to pray them out of the boiling hot tub humanism religion. Then, they might see that it's a conglomerate of antichrist brainwashing them, just as the media has brainwashed the world‘s mind to be slave-puppets. Sometime I think Western Christianity and American Politics is a two sided coin.

 Brother Paul Washer 
We need more churches to be like brother Paul Washer...Praise Jesus Christ for the work that He is doing in brother Paul. More people in the world need to view and listen to his sermons, more people in the world need to just surrender to our Holy Father in Heaven and understand what sinners we all are and we need to bow down to Our Holy Father daily and surrender total control over to Jesus every moment of the day. Be a soldier of Jesus Christ and share the Gospel and the Message with anyone you come in contact with. Jesus will work in you and through you to proclaim HIS NAME.

 Message for todays church 
Praise God this message is still being preached. In this era of church 'easy believism', the message is not only on target, but has been sadly lacking in many many churches for lots of years. Satan has convinced many church leaders that to preach sin,repentance(in its proper context),and judgement is outmoded. As a result, many fine churches have,over the years,turned into those infamous white-washed sepulchers, where everyone is content to live at a comfortable level of sin, not only in their person but also their church life. Amen to the message. Let's repeat it to everyone we come into contact with. And let's repeat it especially to those in our Sunday school classes,and churches who've never heard the entire truth preached like this.

 I needed to hear this 
Thanks so much for this Paul. I was getting very frustrated with Christianity and my walk had become stale, despite being part of a very contemporary Church. This message is exactly what I needed to hear, and I'm going to act on it straight away.

 My son to become missionary 
I can feel the heart of Jesus through the sermon...Great sermon from someone who give all his life to Jesus...I was so moved and stirred when Ps Paul said that he will be so happy if his son will become a missionary even though it will cost his son life.... Thank you Ps Paul God bless you

 A Wake Up Call 
This sermon was amazing, it really made you think about your christianity. God is so much bigger than we have made Him to be. So many christians are sleeping, they have no idea that they are lukewarm & that there is so much more to christianity & God than what they could think. God is God!

PRAISE JESUS! Wow!! I was sent to this message about 10 days ago. Since that time, I have recommended it to many. I encourage any potential listeners to not interpret this message as intended for youth only, as it is a perfect message for all believers. Paul's delivery is clearly anointed by the Holy Spirit and thus is full of our Gracious Father's truth. Amen!

 I just love Paul Washer 
He speaks spirit-filled and with POWER! As if God was speaking through a man! This is my favorite I have heard from him so far.

This sermon is the pure truth and nothing but the truth! All ''Christians'' who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior should listen to this sermon; I also want to encourage you to listen to Examine Yourself by Paul Washer. Do not just listen, APLY IT!

 Thank God 
This was the first message I heard by Paul Washer. ALL OF HIS OTHERS are sound, too. Listen to REPENT AND BELIEVE by Paul Washer, I've been handing it out to open hearts. His sermons have made a good impact on our church.

 Stumbling Block 
Sadly when we preach the true message of Jesus Christ and the gospel there is opposition and a stumbling over what is said. If we had any of these older speakers alive to preach to us we would probably yell: LEGALISM yet we quote them with favor. God raise up prophets, reformers, men of God that will not back down to the landslide of easy believism and a lukewarm church system.

 Praise the Lord for this sermon! 
This is the most powerful, life changing sermon I've heard! It was like rain falling on a dry land for me...oh how I needed to hear this! So few preachers preach the true word of God that when one does our spirits respond and confirm the the truth of it.

 Ouch!! Someone just pulled my ear. 
So few preach the word of God the way it should be preached(from the heart). This sermon by Paul Washer is rebuke to all who practice wishy washy Christianity that is saying pray a little prayer and be saved. Telling people they are saved is not our job, our job is to tell them how to be saved. REPENT AND TRUST!!

 A most apt sermon for these Laodicean times!!! 
This was a most challenging, convicting and refreshing sermon that has an impact on everyone that I have shared with so far!! God bless Paul Washer for not being a man pleaser but willing to tell it like it is!

 Paul Washer is Amazing 
This man is incredible. His preaching is spirit filled and passionate. Ive never heard anything like this. God Bless Paul Washer. U really opened my eyes.

I love this sermon everytime I listen to it. This is what we need to hear way more of. Great solid Biblical preaching that glorifies Almighty God and brings our true position before God into clear perspective.

 Heart cry missionary 
Paul Washer is heads up Heartcry Missionary Society which funds missionaries all over the world.

 A timely voice 
Paul Washer personally knew Ravenhill, and obviously bears a resemblance. This sermon supports with the overall vision of SI. Though this message is addressed to youth, it is a also a powerful prophetic voice to the evangelical church – exposing, with bull’s eye accuracy, the downward slide over the past 50 years. He uses statistics and obvious evidence to reveal the damage. Wouldn’t it be great if this sermon could be forwarded to all our evangelical leaders – and penetrate the many layers of insulation that have been building up against the painful truth. In a sense Washer is ‘airing out” dirty laundry. Yet I know that our youth appreciate the church’s humble honesty about its past failures. They are not interested in a whitewashed presentation of the “gospel”. This man is calling for a radical reformation and I wonder if the youth of our day will be taking the torch.

i need more !!!

 Can we d/l this message ?? 
I mean, on the pc, so that i can share it with my friends. thanks, bye

 Song Based Doctrine? 
A couple of key points stick out to me in this message: 1) Much of the Christian churches doctrine in the West is based upon Christian songs 2) Many in the churches today in the West would be excommunicated from churches in other churches around the world for their worldliness. This message contains a good balance of repentance and holiness preaching together with reality.

Listen to this today! Burn copies for as many professing Christians as the Lord lays on your heart. I believe sermons like this are the reason why God has raised up Sermon Index.

 For both the young and the old 
This is not an ear-tickling message but a loving confrontation of the false Gospel.

this sermon is holy ghost blows away anything that is false...this is a word from god to me to everyone that breaths... so take time listen, this sermon will convict/change you . if you are not affected by this... i feel sorry for you.

 This will grieve your heart 
This brothers boldness is what America needs to hear. He unashamedly calls out the false cultural christianity that many believe is true Christianity in America. His rebuke is from a heart that is grieving over the lost state of souls. Please Listen to this!

 Pass this out to christians everywhere 

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