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Audio Sermons : Alan Redpath :  Fasting

 Fasting by Alan Redpath

Topic: Fasting
Scripture(s): Matthew 6  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (3)

 Absolute Self Denial 
"Any man or woman who has moved the world for God or moved men towards God or been blessed, has been a man who has had one desire, one passion, one goal for which he sacrificed everything else." Never before have I heard a message on fasting like this one. To think that the important thing is the principle behind fasting which is total denial of self and anything that hinders the close fellowship with Jesus Christ. To understand that a decision must be made to sacrifice every single thing that competes with the Lordship of Jesus in my life. Oh that the Lord would help me come to grips with this truth, and not consider anything, including my life, so dear to me that I will not totally deny it and have Christ as my single passion, desire and goal.

 "What does it cost you to be a Christian?" 
A strong exhortation to the practice of fasting and the principles of its practice: that it is to be an offering that is God-ward and without hypocrisy, and of the place it has in our worship of God and service in His work and Kingdom.

 Spiritual Feast! 
I really needed to crucify the flesh in this area of my life. Excellent conviction. Any Christian desiring to go deeper shoud feast on this message!

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