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 Antichrist Unmasked by John Rhys Watkins

Topic: Antichrist
Scripture(s): Matthew 24, 1 John 4:3  
Description: John Rhys Watkins warns of the workings of antichrist now, as evidenced by the proliferation of false prophets in the Church today. Many miss the powerful activity of the Antichrist today because they are only looking at the future.
Sermon Comments (1)

 AntiChrist Unmasked  
A pleasant surprise to find Pastor Watkins' Sermon, AntiChrist Unmasked - a fantastic sermon, biblically based, and given with such clarity and obviously a gifted man with a deep discernment for the times in which we are living. Thank you Pastor Watkins ( Rainmaker ) you have been in our hearts for such a long time and deeply appreciate your messages. Looking for that Blessed Hope, Jo_Ist

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