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Audio Sermons : Milton Green :  (Fury of Fire) 06 - Will of God - Sanctification, Divine Nature,

 (Fury of Fire) 06 - Will of God - Sanctification, Divine Nature, by Milton Green

Topic: Sanctification
Scripture(s): Matthew 7:21  
Description: nil
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 Rattlesnakes or Doves? 
Unless you have obeyed God's Word to obey the Word, you are lost, dead in your sin, and about to be thrown into an ever so real Hell....and it's your own selfish and prideful fault....because your a God Hater! How can you communicate such a truth in love? Milt can. Mr. Popularity strikes again! About as popular as Rattlesnakes in the shower, or vomit in your iced tea,,, to the selfish that is. For those with ears to hear, and hearts to obey, it's as a spring rain in a long drought. God disciplines those He loves, and prunes them continually until they are mature, and have learned how to love. Milton is a peace-maker, creating peace with God by preaching the severe truths resulting from an ever expensive Sacrifice from the hands of an ever loving DADDY.

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