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Audio Sermons : Milton Green :  (Blood Covenant) 2 - Our Covenant With Christ

 (Blood Covenant) 2 - Our Covenant With Christ by Milton Green

Topic: Blood Covenant
Scripture(s): Philippians 1-4, Ephesians 6  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (2)

 Awake O' Church 
Milton Green, from the grave yet he speaketh. God has greatly bless us through this gentle man. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Milton for having an open heart to receive His Word and having the love, courage and for using your mouth to tell us! You have awakened me after many years of slumber. Stephen Fawcett

Milt's desire is for change: understanding that which will affect God's heritage unto holiness. As he tackles the pillars of covenant faith, such as the blood covenant, he does so with the simplicity of a fisherman,and with the depth of a seasoned prophet, in black and white. Everyone of this sort must step on toes, as most of us and humanity still stumble in the grey. To Milt, life and death are bound in understanding, and the choice we make to honor one above another. Do we want our selfish way, which will kill us, or do we desire Jesus' rule, which will surely slay us unto the world, our natures, and to Satanic rule. Which will it be? Milt preaches God's greatest gift in the Universe through the Blood of Jesus...Oneness within the Bliss of a loving Creator, who made a way...IF...we honor our portion of this trust, and prepare ourselves for the cost,,,very, very expensive is this cost, to our Creator, and to us.

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