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Audio Sermons : Milton Green :  (Blood Covenant) 1 - Blood Covenant

 (Blood Covenant) 1 - Blood Covenant by Milton Green

Topic: Blood Covenant
Scripture(s): John 15  
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (5)

 True Grace 
I am so thankful to have heard this. The exposition of the story of David and Jonathans son is so wonderful, and such a clear explanation of the concept of grace. I am now understandg the gravity of the blood covenant. I have also had fresh revelation on the gravity of the covenant of two people who are married.

 Milton's Ministry 
I came to hear of Milton a year or so ago and have had my life totally changed by the Word of God that this man spoke. He was just a man, but a man that God raised up for a purpose to help usher in God's Holy Remnant. Thank you God for bringing Milton to us and speaking through Him.

 Covenant... The Christian's Foundation 
I've been a Christian for 27 years and just recently found, through these six "Blood Covenant" lessons, the true foundation for walking in right standing and in favor with God Almighty. I've been in many different churches in my time as a Christian. Few, if any church leaders either know or are telling us about the Blood Covenant foundation principles of who and what we are as believers in Christ. Without knowing these principles we are incomplete in our walk. You'll be glad heard them.

 He who recieves a prophet will recieve ............ 
Milton never learned the skills of a surgeon and his scalpel....He was given a sledge hammer with a dull point to do his cutting....but cut he does,,,,and uproots, and plants, with the TRUTH on his side.Not all the edges are slick and pretty, but, if you recieve him, he'll keep you out of Hades, and make a path for you to Heaven...that he learned....narrow and straight..Tom Watkins

 God Uses Milton Again 
I just listened to this recording for the first time in 20 years and God is still using Milton to change my life.

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