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 Jude #4 - Sodom and Gomorrah by Chuck Missler

Topic: Sodom
Scripture(s): Jude 1:7-8  
Description: Jude reminds us of the judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah that were destroyed to such a degree that it is believed that the cities used to be built upon the land where the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the earth, now is. The sin of Sodom was the condoning of such widespread and abominable sin within the cities gates, which was not only homosexuality. Back in Genesis, Abraham had interceeded for the cities and the Lord had been merciful but the only people to be delivered from the cities was Lot and his family although hid wife of course did not survive due to her emotional ties to the cities. It is interesting that Jude mentions this incident in a letter about apostacy as this means that Sodom knew the truth and turned from it, becuase the truth is revealed to all of through creation itself. So these apostates act as they want, deny authority and speak evil of dignities.
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