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 Hosea #6 Ch. 9-10 Hosea by Chuck Missler

Topic: Hosea
Scripture(s): Hosea 9-10  
Description: Hosea refers to the sins of Gibeah which to ancient Israel was synonymous with some of the most terrible acts ever to take place in Israel, they are chronicled in Judges 19-21 and almost lead to the entire tribe of Benjamin being wiped out. But now Israel was almost as abominable as in those days. Verse 11 of chapter 9 is one of the many 'Pro-life' verses of the Bible stating plainly that life begins at conception. Hosea predicts that Israel would be scattered among the nations until the Lord regathered them into the land as only He could do this. The Lord as always offered Israel one last chance to repent but they did not and so judgement came in the form of exhile into Assyria.
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