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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Escaping the Theology of Babylon

 Escaping the Theology of Babylon by Carter Conlon

Topic: Babylon
Scripture(s): Jeremiah 51:1-2, Daniel 51:1-5, Revelation 18:2  
Description: December 4,2005 - There is no deeper and darker blindness than religious blindness. The theology of Babylon has no effect on its society but to dull and deaden the people. This theology of self seeking and animates false prophets who are covetous and has a heart that seeks prestige and power. This theology diminishes the poor and leads them into oppression and darkness. We escape the Babylon theology by considering the poor and needy and reaching out to them with the compassionate heart of Christ
Sermon Comments (3)

 the Theology of Babylon is the Precept of Men 
Escaping the Theology of Babylon by Carter Conlon is one of those sermons for, “he that has an ear to hear“. Much of today's Western Christianity has become stagnant as a spoonful of sugar to feel good, rather than a double-edge sword to be corrected and mature. Today’s Babylonian theology offers a polluted version of the gospel, false hope, false comfort, and trusting in worldly gain. Western Christianity is portrayed as a false bride of Christ, (and a poor example to make the Jew jealous for returning to the spirit of God). I’m so thankful I’ve been liberated from religious propaganda to seek quiet time with the God of the Word. “Stay yourselves, and wonder; cry ye out, and cry: they are drunken, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with strong drink. For the LORD hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath he covered. And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is se

 ...towards the heart of God. 
"God, help me to be kind to the poor the rest of my life. This the calling of God. This is the Church of Jesus Christ...God, give me a kind heart. I don't want to be indifferent to the suffering of people." Carter Conlon this recording. (43:30)

 A must here message 
This is also one of my favorite Carter Conlon messages... great to pass out to those who are caught up in the prosperity gospel.

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