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 Gideon #4: The Glory Of The Lord Jesus Christ by Ed Miller

Scripture(s): Judges 7:22 - 8:35, Micah 5:7-8  
Description: How does the remnant who have seen the preeminence of Christ and have been broken go on to greater glory? Ed Miller concludes this series with a look at spiritual warfare and the remnant's responsibility to be a unifying influence in the Body of Christ. God's victory through the 300 was not for them alone but for others, such as the legalist, the self-seeking, the carnal and the rest, for the glory of God is where the people are.
Sermon Comments (1)

 This was a great series! 
I enjoyed Ed Miller's breakdown of the different segments of the Body of Christ, illustrated by Gideon's run in with different groups. He was very practical to show how to apply this to helping others in Christ's Body and not trying to isolate.

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