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 Ezra #2: Revival Starts At The Altar by Ed Miller

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): Ezra 3-6  
Description: Have you started this Christian walk and have dropped out or are being tempted to quit? Return to the altar--the cross--and see how Christ has paid the price for your revival. There's nothing deeper than the cross, than the shed blood of Jesus, to cause your "temple" to grow and progress in God.
Sermon Comments (1)

 What revival is all about 
I liked a number of points in here, namely, how we are not to seek revival as a thing but the God Who revives. Ed Miller brings out some good things to keep in mind about "paying the price" for revival...Christ has paid it already! It is wonderfully illustrated in his exposition in the book of Ezra. Lots of rich nuggets in this teaching!

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