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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  A Word for those Who Want to Know God

 A Word for those Who Want to Know God by Carter Conlon

Topic: Knowing God
Scripture(s): Daniel 11:32  
Description: March 19, 2006 – We are called to be a partaker in full measure of a victory that has already been conquered for us. Those who see the end from the beginning because of their deep desire to be separated from the world to glorify God will have their eyes opened to the power of God. They will become intimately acquainted with God and in this intimacy draw the strength that they need to slay every giant we face. The people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.
Sermon Comments (4)

 Rejecting Relgious Flattery...separating from the world... 
The treasures of God, His Hidden Mysteries revealed, when we let go of this world and this life and lay our selves down wholly for Him to live thru us. Does our Heart Cry as God's Heart for the world to know Him? Glorify Your Name Thru Me, in these Last Days Lord!!! God working unison with us...His Spirit speaking thru us. This is the Power of living separated from the world!!!

 Some of the greatest truths passionetly advocated 
An unexpectanly powerful sermon that will establish you on solid ground if believed. Themes: Real Christianity (The life for self vs. the life of a servant; Knowing God vs. knowing about God; the victory that comes from knowing God.

i like this one... mr conlon really shows great truths here, i was really inspiered.... i think his message covers many subjects but the one that got me was that often as belivers we belive this lie from the devil...who do you think you are? you aint got no degrees dont have any atoruty you havent been a beliver so cant do this and that, who do you think you are?.....carter conlon destroys this lie in this sermon showing the truth,....jesus can use anyone...anyone who is willing to be used... and got so caugt up in this sermon i almost stod up and started praying when i was working... becuse their prayers was so inspirieng in the end of the message... i recomend this one ...well worth the time

 one of the best revival sermons 
Highly recommended, one of the best sermons

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