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 Changed Into Christ's Image #6 by Robert B. Thompson

Scripture(s): Romans 8:29, Ezekiel 1:16, Psalm 68:15-18  
Description: Dr. Thompson begins by discussing the fact that Jesus lives in the fire of God¬ís presence, and that if we are to be with Jesus where He is (John 14:3), we must be ready to live with Him in that Fire. Once we have been prepared to dwell in that fire, and for that fire to dwell in us, we can then go out and minister to lost mankind, bringing that fire and that life to people ¬Ė it will flow out of us and bring life and light. Dr. Thompson says that is our eternal purpose in Christ ¬Ė to be priests of God in His Kingdom forever. He discusses the unique unity that Adam and Eve shared, and the similarities with the unity that Christ and the Church are to have. This sermon will challenge you to look at your relationship with God in whole new ways (that sounds clich√©, but it is very true in this case).
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