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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (People God Uses) 01 The People Used by God

 (People God Uses) 01 The People Used by God by Chuck Smith

Topic: People God Uses
Scripture(s): Acts 3:1-9  
Description: Chuck Smith gives three characteristics that God is looking for in people that have a desire to serve Him. God wants us to be the people of prayer, faith, and not seeking glory for ourselves, but to give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. Chuck reminds us that God has to prepare a vessel first for the work that He already ordained that should be accomplished for Him. God first must work in us before He can work through us.
Sermon Comments (3)

 The coming great endtime army of God 
Everything is working according to Gods plan.right now God is raising a great army of believers that will work in an unprecedented manner for harvesting of ripe souls of men.such armies of believer have been going through series of refining in the fire, trials,hardship,persecution etc like the case of David and that of Joseph before His showing up to his brethren and Israel.Such armies will not love their lives even unto death.they shall move with the seven spirits of God, the glory and fire upon them cannot be measure,they are unstoppable because they shall go wherever the spirit of God leads them to.these armies are selected from different categories of people. youths,women,men etc. such armies of believes will walk with high level of wisdom and knowledge in order to quench and stop every roaring lions.these armies are those people the scripture told us that will be purified and made white(daniel12:10)they will understand the times and season ,and as a result won't waste any t

 Good Teaching 
This was a good sermon, he preaches on there being one inlet of power - The Holy Spirit & five outlets of power - 1. Life 2. Words 3. Service 4. Money 5. Prayer Very good teaching, it set me thinking.

 People God Uses 
I enjoyed the sermon. It gave me an insight of what God is looking for in me. I'm looking forward to listening to more of Chuck Smith's sermons. Sincerely, Barb60

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