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Audio Sermons : George Verwer :  2) Ministry From Spring Harvest - Chapter 3

 2) Ministry From Spring Harvest - Chapter 3 by George Verwer

Topic: Spiritual Toughness
Scripture(s): Daniel 3  
Description: Pressures surround every Christian; the fear of death, society, peers, accusations and backbiting. To face these we must have courage, or spiritual toughness, just as the men in this passage did. Deliverance by God is amazing, and the enemy will sometimes be destroyed by their own methods. The most important thing is always the presence of God in the trial, as he was in the furnace.
Sermon Comments (1)

This is a much needed topic and one that needs to be heard more frequently from our pulpits. I enjoyed the fact that he drew attention to pray for our pastors and leaders who are prime targets for satanic attack. He also spoke about the need for personal holiness. Its a short 30min sermon that packs a punch

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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