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 O Sleeper Arise by David Legge

Scripture(s): Jonah 1:6  
Description: Jonah here is asleep in the boat and ignorant of the need of those around him, this is picture of the majority of the church (espescially in the West) today. We are asleep to the needs of the world all around us who are second by second plummeting into a lost eternity without the very Light that we hold. Pastor Legge tells how only 1% of the total money donated to missions goes to the nations where the majority of people have not even heard the name of Christ, but 87% goes to already evangelised and, so called, christian countries. He shows how we have turned the Great Commision on it's head as again only 1% of the total money donated to missions goes to the evangelism of the Jewish people. Christ has purchased with His own blood the very vaccine that this sin sick world needs and yet we who have it seem so reluctant to administer the cure. When will the sleeping giant that is the Church arise from her slumber?

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This message will change your life, and wake you up to the needs around you. and God will give you the grace you need to walk it out. Let the Church arise again, and call on Her God. so the world may know their is only one true God.

Promoting Revival to this Generation.
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