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 The Triumph of God's Glory by Festo Kivengere

Topic: Glory Of God
Scripture(s): John 17:22  
Description: Festo Kivengere, a Ugandan Anglican bishop converted during the East African revival, speaks passionately about the glory of Jesus Christ and what that glory really means. "This is Jesus praying to His Father," says Kivengere, "almost lifting ordinary, simple people into an unspeakable, incredible kind of experience." He contrasts the formidable, unapproachable glory of the Old Testament through the experiences of Abraham, Moses and Isaiah with the glorious triumph of Christ's death and resurrection that has passed the glory (the radiant character of the living God) on to each child of God!
Sermon Comments (4)

 What a man of God...  
My father, Don Widmark spent much time with Festo and William Magunda(?). I remember what an honor it was to have them stay at our house -even if it meant giving up my bed... oh, how I hunger for the intimacy with the Holy Spirit that these African men had... what a wonderful foundation to grow up with being around people with Jesus as a personal friend -Jesus was never and can never be a religion to me... Lord may I continue to draw near to your presence -may people see you when they look my direction... around Festo you never thought of anything other than Jesus. Thanks for having this on the site.

 My brother 
Festo Kivengere was my brother in Christ. He stayed in our home in Washington, DC in the 1960's. He was such a blessing to our lives. He was focused on Jesus Christ. I enjoyed listening to this message today. My friend, Don Jacobs, told me about it. I wasn't aware of this wonderful resource (Sermon Index). I see that you have sermons by Roy Hession, another brother who blessed our lives so much - with the same focus on the Person of the Lord Jesus. I am reminded of the hymn "We would see Jesus, this is all we're needing, strength, joy, and willingness come with the sight. We would see Jesus, dying, risen, pleading, then welcome day and farewell mortal night". Some may think this is only a funeral hymn - but for me it speaks to my daily walk. What a great Savior we have !

Dear saints, listen to this beloved brother exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and let the Spirit lift your hearts to see in Christ the light of the knowledge of the glory of God. Wonderful message. I wish there were more of brother Kivengere on sermonindex.

 Spirit-filled preaching that exalts Jesus Christ! 
A. B. Simpson has a hymn that goes: "Jesus only, Jesus ever, Jesus all in all we sing". Kivengere is exalting Jesus throughout this whole sermon---it was refreshing waters to my soul to hear the Savior and His finished work so magnified! Lots of great insight about the difference between Old Testament glory and that which Christ wrought for us in the New. I liked the story he told of 3 boys in Uganda in 1885 who died as martyrs because of their passionate love for Jesus. Definitely worth a listen!

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