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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  The failure of the Church in Japan

 The failure of the Church in Japan by Art Katz

Topic: Japan
Description: Self-serving idols keep mankind from the true knowledge of God. A probing insight into idolatry - both in the church and in the world, especially as revealed in Japan's recent history.
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 A nation's pagan idolatry 
As always, Art breaks down with an all-embracing and complete intellectual Spirit filled analysis, the modern failure and phenomenon of why only one percent of Japan's population are practicing Christians. The past history of a nation always comes back to haunt their future descendants. His precise and articulate speech, which cuts through the histories of a nation's pagan idolatry, is sharper than a double-edged sword, laying down the foundations of truth and Gods purpose in your life. He abhors pragmatism and godless Humanism that has been the scourge of modern day Christianity, that at times, feels sometimes that the enemy within has successfully penetrated. Spiritual knowledge and total Biblical hunger makes Art sound like time is indeed short and his desperation and seemingly near panic to preach the Gospel throughout the world is totally consuming and makes the listener want to immediately react to the message of Christ Jesus... Fulfilling the Great Commission !!!

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