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 Spiritual Discernment by John Murray

Topic: Discernment
Description: We need discernment of truth from error, judging all by the standard of Scripture; Paul calls for three exercises of mind: proving all things, holding fast the good, and abstaining from every form of evil; apply touchstone of truth, because some defects and errors are not immediately apparent, good men can be instruments of promoting error, and heresy comes under the guise of truth; Christians not of one mind, because not humbly subjecting themselves to Scripture and illumination of the Spirit; there is danger of changing to conform to what is coming into vogue; abstinence is a negative made necessary because sin must be resisted; Paul does not say we are to abstain from all that appears to be evil; the church has fallen victim to a prohibitionism that condemns what God has created to be received with thanksgiving; rather the text speaks of abstaining from all that has the character of evil; the cost of discipleship is maintaining absolute abstinence even in what is only a small evil.
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